Saturday, February 20, 2010

More snow in SC!!!!

This has actually been a crazy winter for snow, even here in the south! Last Friday afternoon I was at work and it started snowing again, but nobody believed it would even cause a problem since it had been pretty warm during the day. Well, within an hour or two we had a few inches on the ground. This means that everything basically needs to shut down, LOL. Of course I'm sure that all bread and milk had been cleared out earlier in the day due to the weather predictions.

Patrick and Connor got home right as the snow was really starting...of course Mr. winter needed to head out immediately to start exploring..... When I got home from work, we all went back out to actually wasn't as dark as it looks in some of these pictures......

The next morning we headed out again bright and early. Connor did not like sitting in the snow.

our house

the water froze in mid-flow!

Don't laugh please, this snowsuit was a gift!

Walking in snow is tough!

little trail of tiny footprints....

Of course, it is a good thing we got out and enjoyed the snow while we did. It was all melted by the afternoon!

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Preach said...

We got plenty of snow just north of you here in the mountains of NC too! I just had to inquire about where you got that little snow suit! That is the most happenin' snow suit that I have ever seen. lol

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