Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random update

I have no pictures to post right now b/c I am at work- the bane of my existance.

Right now I'm on PICU Night Float- which means I work long nights in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I'm sure I've expressed how much I dislike intensive care to some of you, but for those who haven't heard- it is definately not for me! I'm sure this baby will have heard more about ventilators and IV drugs and TPN before he's born than anybody would care to hear about in their lifetimes. Maybe he'll be comforted by all those alarms and beeps he's been hearing. Probably not, b/c I don't think his hearing was working when I spent 8 weeks in the NICU over the summer. Oh well, I guess I 'll have to get some real music for him.

It would be nice to vent about my patients and share the good and the bad of my job, but is illegal and so I'll can only talk about it in a general way.

For more exciting pregnancy updates...I finally did finish my walmart registry, which was quite an experience. I am sad to report that I was more informed about setting up the registry than the adolescent girl working at the jewelry counter.

The baby has been getting more and more active- as of tommorrow, i'll be 26 weeks! This is probably only really exciting for those of you who have been in the NICU and actually seen 26 weekers. Otherwise, I apologize, it is just another week.

We have an exciting shipment arriving this weekend- my mom bought us our glider rocker and it is on the way! I'll be using it immediately b/c I am looking forward to sitting in it throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

For some reason, my heartburn has now broken through the Prevacid- I'm not sure what solution i'll be looking for next. Maybe it is just my body's way of wanting more Tums. haha.

I guess this is about all for now...hopefully i'll have a more interesting post in the future!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Daycare adventures......

So apparently I was way behind on trying to find childcare....I've been looking around for a while, but had only recently had time to start making calls. Seriously, there are places here where the wait list is 1 or more years. Pregnancy=40 weeks + 8 weeks of maternity leave <1 year!!!
One place even had on their website that the child must be born to be on the waiting list- which makes sense except they only take 2 year olds and up!!!!!!

I finally got a chance to go check out places in person, which was definately an adventure. One place I visited had babies less than 1 year old and under all in one room, which scared me to death! I was just imagining my little 2 month old in that room with these walking toddlers coming after him!!!!! Yikes!

Fortunately I did find a place where I think we'll be happy and we were very lucky to get a spot on the waitlist for February. Of course I had to put Baby Boy on all the forms b/c we have yet to decide (aka agree) on a name :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

24 weeks

As of today, I'm 25 weeks! According to BabyCenter, the baby is now almost 2 lbs and 14 inches long! He's definately been practicing his soccer kicks !

Wendy's Baby Shower

My friend Wendy is expecting a little boy towards the end of October, so we had a fun shower for her about two weeks ago. It was lots of fun to check out all the baby items and get together with lots of old friends......
Winnie the Pooh cake.......of course...

College Roomies- Lesley, Wendy, Gina and I

quite possibly the funniest moment of the shower- the person who brought the 7th gift is next in line- and it is the future Grandmother!!!!!!

More winnie the pooh.....about 75% of her stuff is

Adorable personalized backpack

This was an awesome diaper cake- Over 250 diapers and tons of extra stuff...

Basically a HS reunion- Terri, Gina,Amanda, Wendy, me, Amber, Whitney and Kerrie

The two pregnant women!

Amanda in the midst of disassembling the diaper took a while!!!!

Wendy with all the goodies!

Monday, August 18, 2008

23 weeks

I think my belly has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few weeks!!!
Things are going pretty good. However, I have learned that even though I am far into the second trimester, I still am experiencing nausea and surprise puking episodes at work. Great!
I am very excited ( and thankful) that we have several showers coming up so this weekend I updated my Target registry in the store. We're also registered at Babies R Us AND Walmart which is crazy. That's what we get for having friends and family members living so many different places.

I had to post this funny pic- when we were in Atlanta last weekend, Patrick's mom gave me some old clothes of his and this is a t shirt and shorts he wore when he was about a year old. If you click on it it you can see that it says "Peachtree Road Race 1980!".

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Update.....

So as usual, since talking about the majority of my life is non HIPAA compliant,
I will post a quick baby update!!!!
22 weeks
As of today, I'm actually 23 weeks- I usually take my belly pic at the end of the week, so i'll try to post it later! I had a OB appointment on Tuesday and all was well. The baby was actually very active and they couldn't get him to be still enough to actually get his heartbeat to register on the doppler for awhile. He was moving around the whole time. I've finally really started to notice him moving and can actually feel him on the outside if the timing is right. This weekend, I actually have plans that do not include spending my entire weekend at the hospital- Wendy's baby shower is coming up and hopefully I will have pics to post when I return!!!!