Saturday, February 27, 2010

Connor's first trip to the ZOO!!!!!

As amazing as it is- we have lived here for since 2006 and still hadn't been to the zoo. Every time we've tried to go with Connor it has been either too cold or rainy. Last Saturday we decided to go downtown and walk from Falls Park to Cleveland Park (I think it is 1.3 miles and makes for a great walk with the stroller). Everybody was out and about - it was the first nice weekend we've had around here in a while!!!!

When we got to Cleveland Park- we decided to go to the zoo! This was very spontaneous for Patrick, as you can imagine, LOL. The zoo was actually very busy, and maybe a little too crowded for Connor's taste, but we had a great time! Plus since he's under 3, he gets free admission, so that's always nice.


Connor was very excited about the Giraffes

A very fat pot-bellied pig in the petting zoo section.


Connor likes to walk "all by himself" these days.

"Come on, Daddy!"

Checking out more of the animals.

Looking at monkeys

What's that?

And we ended our day with some ice cream- Connor shared with us!
What a fun day downtown- we'll certainly go back to the zoo with Connor soon- he loved all the outdoor animals!

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