Tuesday, October 28, 2008

34 weeks!

I had another doctor's appt on Monday and it went fine. I was supposed to have a non-stress test (basically the put me on the monitor for 20-30 minutes and watch his heart rate changes), which I have twice a week. The baby slept through the first 10 minutes, although he had been moving all night long! They have this buzzer thing that wakes them up and once they used it, he was wild and they couldn't even keep him on the monitor. So I ended up having my third ultrasound in 3 days, but his movement was fine on that. It was actually pretty funny because I could watch him kicking his legs from the inside and you could see it on the outside!

The high risk OB doctors are going to see me back at 37 weeks (nov 13th) to redo the growth scans. Between now and then I will continue to have the non-stress tests and BPP (an ultrasound movment test) twice a week. Otherwise I'll just have to remain parked at home .

Oh, and I just wanted to mention that I seriously work with the best friends in the world! Residency is a job like no other, and everyone has been so great!!! People have been working extra to cover me being out, threw me an awesome shower, and have been bringing food. It is incredible!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Greenville Baby Shower

My friends from work threw me a shower last night- lots of fun, and it was great to see everbody since i've been out of work for a couple of weeks now....... They got this adorable cake from Strossner's - so cute! Look at all the animals!

Yummy and pretty!

My friend Jessica- the host of the shower, Dixie- the official shower dog, and I.

The whole crew: Melissa, Heather, Emily, Amanda, Sarah, Christy, Jess, me, Amanda and Liz.

Adorable handmade baby blanket by Sarah's grandmother.

Yay for presents!

me posing with all the food!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

As promised :)

Isn't he cute!
According to the ultrasounds yesterday he has TONS of hair. We're excited to see what color it turns out to be.
Other good news- I talked to my doctor's office this morning and I'm just going back on Monday as planned for another non-stress test. I'll be spending the weekend resting in the bed other than my baby shower Saturday night! Yay for showers!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

brief update.....

I am so tired after my 4 hours at the doctor's offices....

so my blood pressure was horrible when i got there-upper 140's/90's. (not unusual).

I had my growth ultrasound and he is now only on the 19th percentile overall and his abdomen was measuring less than 5th percentile.
This was a huge drop considering he was measuring right on the 50th percentile at the 30 week scan. I knew something was wrong during the ultrasound b/c she asked me if he had been measuring small.

When I saw my doctor he was very concerned, I also was only measuring only 31 weeks( my belly). My blood pressure was a little better after resting, which always happens. He basically wanted to put me in the hospital on strict bedrest, but then sent me to the High risk ob office upstairs in the building where they did another ultrasound and doppler studies on him and i met with one of the MFM specialists.

He was ok with everything (aka not going to the hospital) but of course was concerned about his growth. By the time I got done with the high risk doctor it was 5 30 and they were gone from my ob's office. So they said the doctor on call might call me tonight. Otherwise i'm going to call tommorrow.

think i'm just exhausted from the emotional stress of thinking I was going to the hospital and now knowing he isn't growing well and will likely come early for sure. He was 4lbs, 6 oz today. So no matter what happens, I'm pretty much on strict rest from now on. I have a baby shower this weekend and the high risk md said it would be ok to do that, but otherwise i'm parking my behind so he can get all the blood flow that he can.

I did get to see some adorable 3-d pics of his face. I'll have to scan them later.

Friday, October 17, 2008

need a laugh???


You just have to check it out!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

32 weeks

33 weeks

Quick baby update- I had another doctor's appointment today and he was so active that they couldn't get his heartbeat consistently on the Non-stress test, so they ended up doing an ultrasound. After we waited for the ultrasound he had gone to sleep so they had to wake him up! Everything looked fine on the ultrasound, he actually has a few little fat rolls on his back and is starting to get some fuzzy hair. Back to the doctor on monday! I feel like i am getting to be very good friends with the receptionist at my ob's office.

Otherwise, i'm just spending time working on my grand rounds which is coming up verysoon and doing some other studying. And tonight we splurged on some pumpkin ice cream, yum!!!! I hope that fall weather will be here soon to accompany all the fall treats!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quick update......

So I am currently working at home (aka independent study)......

I have had off and on issues with my blood pressure during my whole pregnancy, but things actually started to get better during my 2nd trimester (which is a pretty normal thing), however my pressure started to rise again during my 3rd trimester. I've actually been going to the doctor pretty much weekly during my pregnancy to follow my blood pressure, so I've gotten to know everyone at the office very well!!! I've also been checking it at home and it is lower at home but it isn't as low as i would like. Fortunately I haven't had to be on any medications. I didn't really talk about it much b/c it stressed me out even more to talk about it!

High blood pressure during pregnancy is a lot scarier than regular high blood pressure b/c it can cause growth problems in the baby as well as lead to preeclampsia, which is very dangerous for mom and baby!

In the last few weeks, my blood pressure has been getting worse, and when I went on Thursday it continued to be horrible. So at that point, my doctor told me I had to be off work Friday-Monday and return for a recheck on Monday afternoon. Well, on Monday after a few days not working, it was much better! So at that point, i am officially not working until after the baby is born. Thank goodness i'm not on full bedrest- I can do pretty much normal stuff at home as long as I'm not standing for a long time.

Everything is going fine with the baby- I have non-stress tests twice a week and frequent growth ultrasounds and he looks great!

And don't worry about me being bored! I have lots of reading to do!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

a few updated ultrasound pics.....

I can't believe I forgot to post these pictures....I had scanned them and uploaded to facebook, but never got them on my blog. These are at 29 weeks, 5 days and he was estimated to be 3# and 3 oz then. So he 's probably grown to be 4lbs by now!!!
Not the best profile shot, but he was in a crazy position.

little feet

I have an important doctor's appointment today, so prayers would be appreciated! Thanks!

Monday, October 6, 2008

More belly pics.......

29 weeks

30 weeks,
31 weeks!!

So we are now in the single digits (number of weeks left) and things are going pretty well. I had a growth scan a week and a half ago and the baby was 3# and 3 oz at that point, which was about 50th percentile for his age, so that was just perfect. I've had a lot of trouble with pregnancy-induced-hypertension, which means I go to the doctor very frequently and i get to start my weekly non-stress tests this week. But overall things are great!

Shower #2- Atlanta Shower

After a busy day on Saturday, Patrick's mom's friends threw us a shower Sunday afternoon in Atlanta. We didn't have a ton of people there, due to a death in the family, but it was still fun!

More yummy food......the chicken salad was amazing!

Aren't these petit fours adorable? And they tasted so good!!!

Digging in.....

Gigantic pile of gifts!


A cow print duck for the tub

Lots of useful little things

This turned out to be our highchair!

We were so thankful for the generosity of everyone at the two showers!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Starting to get things ready.......at least the essentials...

The pack and play has been assembled......pretty quick to put together, but at least it is done and ready for when he arrives. I love the pattern.... hopefully the baby will, because this is going to be his bed for the first few months until we move.
And we tried the carseat out in the cars to make sure it would fit......and then tested it out with the turtle!!!! He's nice and secure as you can see!!!! We're not actually installing the carseat this early, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't too big for the car and that we needed to exchange it for a smaller one......Oh and they don't lie- this carseat is really easy to install and adjust!!!!! Now just to adjust the straps with a squirming baby!

Oh- and in most exciting news, we finally agreed on a name. I promise it will not be Killian. Otherwise, you can keep guessing b/c we are not telling till after he makes his appearance.

Part 1 of the shower weekend- LaFayette Shower.

My high school friends gave me a great shower Sept 21st....lots of games, food and tons of people!!

Yummy food
The madagascar cake....

Baby boy favors....Hershey's kisses in blue bags and candles.

Of course, there were some games, including "measuring Mary's belly"

and "identify the baby food"

time for the presents........

Of course, we have to have the UGA outfit.

lots of books!

the gifts before opening....

Diaper cake.......240 diapers!

College roomies: Lesley, Wendy, Gina and I .

My mom, Patrick's mom and I

Patrick and I