Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snow Day

We celebrated Connor's 3 month birthday with a snow day- I am so out of the loop in general that I had no idea that any snow was even predicted - so i was working in the PICU Sunday till 7 pm. Sometime that afternoon the snow started falling pretty hard- I could see it through the windows of the patient rooms, but I really had no clue how bad the driving conditions would be to get home in later that evening. The drive took over a hour, and I had many moments where I just felt like getting out of my car and walking. Fortunately I did not, and made it home safely without an accident. Monday the peds clinic was closed, so I had an unexpected day off.

The view from our front door- and some "snow damage". In a way, we were actually glad that it fell b/c we were planning to get rid of this gigantic plant soon. Just not that soon.

Our backyard view....

During the beginnings of the snow....I was trapped at work during this point.

I do not like this snowsuit!!!!!!!!

Daddy and Connor ventured outside for a few minutes to experience Connor's first snowday

Cutest SnowBear ever!!!!

Cozy baby watching the snow fall.

Tons of Pictures....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So we finally got Connor's crib- and assembled it over the snow day. Not too complicated, even with the directions that had no words. It has a drawer underneath for storage. He isn't using it yet b/c we are still waiting on the mattress to get here!

Connor's room- in progress!

Our new living room furniture!