Sunday, February 28, 2010

home decor post........

We've lived in this house now , and we're just now getting around to doing a lot of decorating/projects...Something about having a little baby, starting a new job/finishing up residency, studying for boards has kept me from doing a lot.
So i'm all about ideas!!! Here are a few pics of some things we've done so far-
The biggest hurdle right now is that we need to paint basically the entire house interior- it still has the builder paint on it other than the bedrooms, and those really need to be touched up too. I don't want to hang too much on the wall when we're going to repaint it!

This is one of the shelves in my office- It is pretty disorganized still, but I found these cute boxes at Hobby Lobby and I think they're super cute and will be great for holding pens, cards, ect.

I created this photo collage on the wall of my office- needs pics added, but I like the monogram! I love this chair- we got it when we got our living room furniture. I can't decide if we should paint our bedroom or not. It is sort of a pale yellow, and does not match our bedding at all. All of our bed stuff is navy/red/khaki as is our bathroom towels, ect.

This is Connor's room- not sure if i've ever put pics on the blog. Since we didn't have a nursery at the apartment, we sort of added things slowly in here.

Shelf with books, and dresser/changing area. I got the pics above the dresser at Hobby Lobby.

Our dining room- needs a major overhaul. I want to pain the walls a dark red to highlight the wainscoating and crown molding. We need a new light fixture- it is UGLY! I want to get new window coverings- I am thinking long khaki curtains with sheers under them, and getting rid of those ugly hanging blinds. Ideas??????

I got this new mirror for above the fireplace, now we just need to hang it, and find some decorations for the mantle. I'm not sure why the pattern is showing up on it- it is not there in real life!


Jen said...

Love your house Mary!! Jackson has the exact safe fleecy blnaket that Connor has hanging over the crib. He sleeps with it every night.

Jenny said...

I would recommend finding complimentary paint colors that you want to use throughout the house, and then wait to buy more decor/curtains/fixtures until the paint is finished. We used a deep khaki as the main color throughout the common areas of the house (I like warm colors), and then we used more color variety in the bedrooms/office/playroom-family room. For me, that's helped me with the decor.