Monday, September 22, 2008

question of the day...

It seems like pregnancy would be the perfect time to catch up on sleep- b/c you certainly aren't going to be sleeping after the baby arrives. So why do I sleep so horribly?

Anyway, I had two showers this weekend, we got lots of stuff, and I have tons of pics to post. But I'm exhausted so hopefully I can get pics posted this week.... anybody want to write some thank you notes for me? or work in the PICU this weekend for me?

Friday, September 12, 2008

these dishes.....

At our wedding, we got a box of dishes without a card or any identifying information. They weren't off our registry, definately not something that was my style. In fact, I thought that maybe they were left at our venue by a previous wedding.
Approximately 9 months later, a mutual friend of ours admitted that he purchased the dishes at a Kroger on the way to our wedding. mystery solved.... (however, I must wonder, who stops at Kroger on the way to a wedding to pick up a gift, and why did he choose the dishes over say, a giftcard?)
Since we moved to Greenville, these dishes have been in the guestroom closet, just waiting for a new home...I had sort of forgotten about them, since they were under some other boxes of stuff. Last night I did some cleaning of that closet, and discovered the dishes. I had a perfect plan- Patrick is going to help a high school friend move to his first apartment this weekend and I just knew that he would be able to use the dishes. Alas, my plan was foiled when he told us that people had already given him dishes.
I am giving up. If anybody is interested in these dishes- you are welcome to them. We'll even bring them to the Atlanta or LaFayette area next weekend!
Otherwise they are going to the goodwill.

28 weeks!!!

I finally broke down and bought some new jeans at Motherhood- for any of you pregnant people reading this blog, the "secret fit belly" are the best. I am one of the cheapest people I know, but I finally just broke down and gave in. I just wasn't loving my 4 dollar goodwill jeans for anything other than lounging around- and i'm sure I'll be using them for a while AFTER he arrives :(

I am also getting to the point where the belly is starting to impede my bending down, sitting in various positions, walking, ect. Oh the fun. I'm sure it will only get better!!! I won't complain too much b/c I have informed the baby that he absolutely better stay in there at least another 8 weeks b/we do not want to revisit the NICU- he's spent plenty of the pregnancy in there already!!!!

Even though I have a rediculous amount of things to do that are work-related (aka GRAND ROUNDS SO SOON) I have been trying to organize the baby stuff before our showers b/c i am sure our apartment will then be taken over!

Clearly, I have been a little obsessed with buying boy clothes- but i have gotten really, really good deals. I am not letting myself buying anything else....for now :)
The current piles of other stuff in the corner- the big pamper box is full of clothes!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

new things.......

I'm finally off of PICU night float, and enjoying a brief interlude of Pediatric Surgery- it is outpatient and I'm really enjoying it- as shocking as that is to some. I think next week is going to be a little crazier.

Last night we went our friends Nancy and Joe's house and picked up all this great baby loot! They have an adorable 18 month old named JC- he seemed a little confused about why some of his toys were being taken away!!!!!

Just look at all this great stuff- A deluxe exersaucer, a playmat, a toy gym thing, a bumbo seat with tray, a "floppy seat" shopping cart cover..and a few smaller things! AND a box full of baby clothes! Patrick said " He's already taking over and he's not even here!!!!!" I am sure that comment will be repeated after next weekend's baby showers!!!!!

Oh, and i got some new bling- I didn't get a surprise gift or anything, but I've started to get the point where my rings were getting tight and leaving lines on my fingers. I didn't really want to get the point where i had to get them cut off!!! I improvised at Kohl's and went for the CZ!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My new throne...

...has arrived and been assembled with minimal marital conflict :) . My mom ordered this glider and ottoman for us so I use it now and after the baby arrives, so I am already taking advantage of the chair. We're planning to just use the pack and play at first anyway, so this may be the only baby furniture in our house for a while!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Belly pics....

Finally updated- I have not really been on the computer at home the last two weeks because of night float so here you go! We also put together the glider today, of course right before I was going to take a picture, my camera battery died, so I'll have to post a picture later!
25 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks

The name game.......

So we are faced with actually narrowing down names for the baby....which has been interesting. Our last name is pretty common, so it makes it harder b/c I don't really want him to have the same name as somebody else in his school or even his class......And to make it more difficult, several of my favorite names are in the top names of the last few years. So even though I Love them, I don't want to use them b/c they are so common.

I have found some interesting websites......

Type in the names you like, and they will choose names based on what you already like:

Pronounciation of names in an irish accent, and a story about the origin of each:

So have fun on these websites, and while we welcome suggestions, we're not sharing the name we ultimately choose until AFTER he arrives. Don't worry- if the ultrasound was wrong (which I don't think it was :) we already have a girl name!!