Saturday, February 13, 2010

Connor's already playing video games!

I have to admit that I NEVER wanted to buy a video game system, or any games for that matter until I wanted a Wii. We purchased it as our joint Christmas present last year (right before Connor was born) but I didn't to use it much with the whole having an infant, being a resident, studying for boards, ect.

In the past few months, we've started playing it more and I got a new workout game called "my fitness coach" that I do some mornings before work. We also got the wii fit plus and there are a lot of fun active games that we like to play.

Connor has obviously been paying attention. He loves to carry the wi-motes around and stand on the balance board like a stage. He points the wi-mote towards the tv and laughs because he thinks he is playing the game.

Patrick has even figured out how to let him stand on the board to participate.......
Playing the snowball game

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