Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008!

(not our dog- just cute!)

Our Christmas.....Part One

I'll be posting many more pictures in the next few days, but I'm postcall, so here's all there is for now! We had a very busy few days over the Christmas holidays, timing actually worked out well with both of our work schedules and we were able to spend time with lots of our friends and family.

We started out our break by packing up everything on Saturday morning Patrick is sorting all the Christmas presents for the respective houses...
After the always-fun 4 hour drive to N. Ga, we had dinner with some high school friends and then played an endurance game of Electronic Monopoly.....

Gina, Richie and Wendy were the only ones left in the game at this point....

Gina, Wendy and roomies

Sunday, we spent the day with my family, went out to lunch with my parents and opened Christmas presents with them. Patrick finally got a dustbuster (I'll have to post a sneaky pic of it later- it really is fun to use!)

Monday morning we drove back to Atlanta, and spent the day with Patrick's parents. That evening we went to his grandparents house in old downtown and had yummy homemade enchiladas and then opened gifts with them! The funniest moment is when Ahma (patrick's 85ish year old gma) opened a nightgown and his Pop Jack (grandfather) starting joking around about how hot and sexy it was! It was hilarious!

That night we went to 11pm Christmas Mass with his family and then off to bed for Christmas day! (more to come)

Ahma, Pop Jack, Patrick and I

Oh, and by the way, Patrick met a new friend while he was in LaFayette. His name is Bama and he's Robert and Amber's pet Pigmy Goat.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

it isn't starbucks...

but it also isn't 4 dollars!
Mary's Yummy Peppermint Mocha
freshly brewed peppermint flavored coffee
hershey's reduced sugar chocolate syrup
fat free half and half or milk
1 packet of splenda

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our little gingerbread houses!

Since Patrick and I were dating, we've always made christmas cookies together as a tradition....this year we did Gingerbread houses instead......
Pre-assembly (for your info, no I did not make the pieces, Publix did)

Post-assembly, Pre-decorations...( the one on the left had some issues)

The beautiful houses all ready for christmas....the one on the L is better!

Side view of Patrick's house, this is the doggy door

Gingerbread man in front of his house

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Our front door with my super-cute snowman doormat....

The "mantle" aka Entertainment Center with all of our christmas all of you, THANKS! I love them!!!!!! Seriously!

Our tree with the presents under it....if you could see close-up, you would note that none are mine....b/c my husband cannot wrap them on his own for some reason :), therefore he is waiting till Christmas when we are visiting family!

The Cowboy Nutcracker

It is also beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kristy's Night!

Last night we had a little girls night at Rebecca's house for Kristy-lots of fun!

wearing all of her "bachelorette attitude buttons"

Jess and I

Gail giving Kristy some marriage advice of her own.

"Snow Bunny"

All the girls- Rebecca, Christy, Andrea, Jen, Doreen, Jess, Me, Emily, Kristy, Gail and Carrie

Friday, December 7, 2007

Weirdest Question of the Week:

A mom asked me (of course translated through the interpreter)

"Can you check his fontanelle, because he makes noise when he drinks his bottle?"


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Party Time...

Saturday night was our annual Pediatric Residency Program Christmas Party at Brick Street Cafe- it was even more fun than ever. Lots of pictures, but very much out of order.... hope you enjoy them anyway!
Look at the spread.....yum! We also had a station for custom quesadillas which was awesome!

Dessert- the very best of Brick Street- Chocolate cupcakes, Sweet Potato Cupcakes and Coconut Cake...Delish!

Gail basically brought down the house singing "Super Freak"

Carrie, Allison and Kerry getting down with the karaoke machine

Patrick, Mary, Chris and Rebecca

Our Attendings Rock...Literally!

Mary, Heather, and Jess

2nd Year Girls

Christy, Mary, Rebecca

More Karoke time....I think this time we were singing "Midnight Train to Georgia"

First years representing on the karoke machine

Yum! Time to eat!

Gail, Miranda, and Andrea

Christy and Greg

Kelly, Matt, Rebecca, Kristy

Heather and Heather enjoying the open bar....