Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!!

My baby sister is 23 tommorrow on April Fool's Day!!! I had to go ahead and post this b/c i'm on call tommorrow- have a great day LYNNE!!!!!! Hope you enjoy this flashback photo and our matching overalls!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


These showed up at my door today! What a surprise- my family sent them for Doctor's Day.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I've been tagged!

So my friend Jessica tagged me to post 10 random facts, habits, goals or quirks about myself....At the end I have tagged the lucky few to post their own top ten!

1. I am very loud. So loud in fact, that I was accused of messing up the dictation line at work b/c they thought it was a prank. When I am tired, upset, excited or speaking through a translator I only become louder. Clearly I didn't get the whole "inside voice thing"

2. I have horrible vision. I'm just glad I can still get contacts. My vision is so bad that they can't correct it perfectly- seriously.

3. If I didn't have my current career- I would be either a personal trainer or a nutritionist, or a child life specialist...unfortunately i have trapped myself into working 90 hours a week and thinking that working 14 days straight is "normal".

4. The first three letters of both my first and last name are M-A-R. weird.

5. I don't really watch network TV other than the Biggest Loser. I don't really have time or care about any shows that require me to pay attention to the storyline. So if you are talking about the latest episode of "Lost" , I'm literally lost.

6. I love to bake desserts but I really don't care to cook.

7 . I let my clothes build up until I have nothing to wear, then I wash them all, but don't have time to put them away, so they end up in the guest bedroom. This has become a vicious cycle during the last three months with PICU-Wards-Wards back to back. I need a normal schedule. Or a maid.

8. I have to have at least two different kinds of shampoo in my shower at all times. i'm not really picky about the brand, one of them has to be for extra moisturizing, and the other is for deep cleaning.

9. I love coupon clipping. If i had time we would save even more, but I really get excited when we get $10 off our total at the store.

10. I recently finished couch to 5K and now can run at least 30 minutes at a time with minimal suffering. Hopefully this will continue to improve. This accomplishment is all thanks to my ipod. I That was the best christmas present ever!

So now for the tagging:

(I was tagged on myspace, so I'm posting it on both and you can respond however you like)

1. Lynne T.

2. Annie M.

3. Amber G.

4. Whitney M.

5. Gina H.

6. Wendy M.

7. Amanda H.

8. Chad C.

9. Matt W (you two are being re-tagged)

10. Melissa B.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

So this is probably the most well-known cartoon at this time of year, but I still laugh when I see it- something about those chocolate bunnies!

I hope everyone is enjoying a great Easter today, i am spending my day/night/day in the hospital for 30 hours. I have pretty much been living here the last three months and I'm tired of it! Working all the time really gets me down. I love my job(most of the time) and making a difference for my patients but i also love my husband, my family, sleep, exercise, and eating food other than the cafeteria. Oh and shopping.
I think i'm feeling extra sad about working today b/c I don't get to spend any time with either of our families today, or even see Patrick. My sister's college graduation is coming up and I have to work that weekend so I probably won't be able to go. Our anniversary is coming up and I'll be working 3/4 weekends that month too.
Sorry for a depressing post on Easter! I'm so thankful Jesus forgives us no matter what! Don't forget about the true meaning of today....and feel free to stuff yourself full of candy (just today!)

Especially peeps......

If you are bored...check out They have recipes and a factory tour!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

my life in pictures......

Saw this recently and thought I would try it out...

1. answer the questions below
2. type each answer into flickr
3. take any picture from the first page of results and post your answers......

Age you'll be on your next birthday

Place you would like to visit

Favorite place

Favorite object

Favorite Food

Favorite Beverage

Favorite Animal

Favorite color

..or maybe this one

City where you were born

Where you live now

Favorite Band

First Name

Last name

Favorite Store

Favorite item of clothing

Favorite Movie

So they say......

"You'll be able to wear it again....." .















Well, I guess it was true!

Just thought I would post something for a little laugh this weekend, The second picture is from my camp counselor days on costume night- Amber and I were "Miss Woodmont" 1981 and 1982. I only wish that our purple eye shadow showed up better in this picture.