Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clean carpet!!!

Hello out there!!! Anybody?
I've been terrible about blogging, I realized that the last post was 2 months ago! So i'm going to try to get back on the game asap!!! And here we go- I have a lot to catch up on!

This weekend, we had lots to do-

First, Saturday morning we met up with a friend Janis and her husband and daughter Hannah at Cleveland Park. We've never played there before as it has been So So Hot lately, but we found out that Connor loves it!

playing together
janis and i

Connor and Hannah after our walk:

We had a great lunch out together as a family at Copper River and then went to the grocery store and picked up a Rug Doctor.

Now, lately i've been feeling really grossed out by our carpet. we have discussions back and forth. Should we just rip it out and put in hardwoods? get tile throughout? Just leave it because Connor is messy? Put in new carpet? Hire stanley steamer?
So after all that we've just lived with the nasty carpet for months. It continues to get grosser as we have *someone* who insists on spilling things constantly.
Well i finally gave up and we were going to spend the money to have professionals clean the carpet, but I decided to give the Rug Doctor a try- so of course I found a coupon online, and off to Publix we went! Renting the machine was easy and was only 20 bucks after the coupon. I did buy some cleaning solution as well, but later on I ended up having more success with oxyclean. It took several hours and a lot of physical labor as you have to constantly empty and fill the machine. BUT- it got our carpet really clean, and i'm very happy. I'm not embarassed of our carpet anymore!!!!

helping return the rug doctor

before/after the rug doctor!

Sunday afternoon after we returned the rug doctor, I met another friend at Barnes and Noble for coffee, then we came home and trimmed branches in the yard. We actually ended up tearing down this horrible dead bush that was in the edge of our yard , and i'm sure our neighbors will send us a thank you card. LOL.
Connor colored with sidewalk chalk and then ran around hitting bushes with cut branches.

A busy weekend, but not all good :

Unfortunately, there was some poison ivy buried in that old bush- so I just made my husband a doctor's appointment :)