Saturday, February 13, 2010

15 months!

Our baby boy is 15 months now (actually 15 and a half months today) and he's growing up so fast! He had his 15 month checkup this past Friday. Patrick took him since I had to work.
His stats were 24lbs, 7 oz (47%ile) and 31 inches tall (49%ile). He's very average!
He got 2 shots (Hiberix and DTaP) and barely cried. His pediatrician said he is doing well! (I think so too :) After the appointment they went out for lunch together- he's become a good restaurant diner these days as long as he has either crayons or food.

Connor's days of crawling are long gone- he walks and run well, and has begun serious climbing. Anything around the house is a mountain to be conquered- shoes, boxes, ect.

The baby who never wore shoes is now a toddler finally in size 4 shoes (where did he get these tiny feet?) and he actually likes shoes- he stomps around in them on the floor, on the driveway, wherever. We actually got him these little slippers to wear since most of his pj's now are non-footed. He loves them!

Connor's new favorite place to sit is in the fridge. If the door is open, he runs to sit on the ledge. We don't know why.
Connor's speech development is increasing- he is "talking " to us all the time, but the main things we understand these days are "mama, dada, na-na (which means all food to him, but esp bananas), woof-woof (any animal including stuffed), and hello (into his phone).
He eats practically everything one day and then refuses everything the next. His favorite foods are still nutri-grain bars, peas, broccoli, bananas and yogurt. He also loves black olives, oddly enough.

He now has 12 teeth and lets us help him with the brushing somewhat

he's not really a morning person :)

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