Sunday, February 21, 2010

great deal on detergent!

Since Connor was born, we've used the "free and clear" detergents. He has pretty sensitive skin, and although i miss all the yummy smells, I would rather he not have irritated skin. So unscented for all of us! We generally use either All or Purex unscented. ( Just FYI for all moms/moms-to-be out there, Dreft is actually NOT good for baby's skin! It still has perfume in it, just "baby-scented" perfume!)

Anyway, I feel like we're ALWAYS doing laundry- so when I find a good price or deal on detergent we stock up. The last good deal I found was bottles of All Free and Clear on buy one get one free (32 loads per bottle) plus using coupons. We've almost gotten to the end of that detergent (we had about 8 bottles), and so i've been keeping my ear out for another good price to stock up on .

This Sunday's paper had a purex buy one get one free (any size) coupon. I bought 3 papers b/c there were a lot of good coupons this week (we get them cheaper so it makes is really worth it). So I had three coupons, and I had noticed at our Publix that there was an in-store-special for 3.00 off the 64 load size bottles this week making it 4.99 for 64 loads.

So for 14.97, we got SIX bottles of 64 loads each. This works out to 384 loads at 4 cents each!!!!! Now I need to find some good deals on dryer sheets!!!


Elizabeth said...

That's great! Harris Teeter had super double coupons this week here meaning they doubled coupons up to $1.98. I made 2 trips, but ended up getting approximately $150 worth of stuff for $45. I was pleased to say the least, especially since I'm pretty new at couponing.

Elizabeth said...
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