Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa, round 2.

Santa, round 2., originally uploaded by Makclair.

We had success!!!

Saturday Santa came to Publix (grocery store, for you non-Southerners) and Connor just marched right up to Santa, said "Hi, Santa" hopped up in his lap, and showed him some trucks. He would do well when we're not having to pay for an overpriced 5x7 at the mall. He actually sat in Santa's lap again after we did our grocery shopping and told him he wanted "trucks and choo-choos" for Christmas. Good thing , because that's what he's getting!!!

P.S. Santa, we can tell your beard is fake :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Starting to look a lot like Christmas!

I realized that I haven't posted any pictures of the holiday decorating yet!- We put up the outdoors stuff a couple of weekends ago. We have a mini tree with lights upstairs in the bonus room window, lighted garland around the front door and wreaths on the windows that light up at night. I think every year we'll probably do a little bit more. Last year we barely decorated outside. I think we were too used to being in an apartment.

This isn't a great pic because all the lights are blurry- but the sky looks neat :)

at night

Garland around the front door- I think i'm going to look for some more after Christmas on clearance to make it thicker next year.

front door
(just realized we still have our pumpkins out there, haha)

The rosemary bush- i call it my "charlie brown tree" but I think it looks good with lights.
my charlie brown tree

I found this cute flag at Hobby Lobby, but sadly it blew away in a tornado storm (seriously). :(

Our countertop nativity- please excuse any mess in the background-

Fireplace/mantle with stockings.
The reindeer are our stocking holders, but somebody is nosy, so we put them lower this year.

I have to brag about these little trees- I got them both for 12 dollars! I got a printable coupon at CVS for 10 off any of the 29.99 boxed pre-lit trees. So these were 29.99 for the 2pack, but they were on sale for 22. Then I got 10 off that - so 12 dollars for both of them! Next year we'll probably put them on the front porch, but since I didn't want to reconfigure the cords out there , I just put them in the entryway.
entryway w/ my 12 dollar CVS deal!

Connor's mini tree in his room
Connor's mini tree

Finally got some presents under the tree!
finally got some presents under this thing!

Picture with Santa

santa, originally uploaded by Makclair.

Last Wednesday, we had Connor's 2 year old well check, and Patrick ended up taking a furlough day so that we could spend the day together (it was my regular day off).

First we started at the doctor- my big boy measured out at 28lbs, 12 oz (60%ile) and 36 inches long (88%ile). I knew he had grown, but WOW! No wonder all his pants are too short. Everything was great- He just had to get his flu shot and barely cried. Then we were off!

We went to the mall and straight to see Santa! Since it was early, we didn't have a line at all, although this probably backfired because Connor didn't get to watch any other kids sit in Santa's lap before him. I had hoped he would sit nicely in Santa's lap, but as soon as we walked up to him, Mr. Clingy came out and refused to let go of me. So we made a last minute decision to just all join in and get the picture together to avoid a tantrum. He still didn't smile, but at least he didn't cry!

Our next stop was Toys R Us- we were sneaky parents and picked up a few things that he didn't see us buying, and he got Emily the Tank Engine as a special treat after his checkup. He was very possessive and almost refused to let the cashier scan it but he did let her.

Finally, we went out for a quick lunch at Stax's Omega (Connor had a meat and 3- haha!) . And then home for a nap!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas card preview- Thanks Shutterfly!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

It's been 2 years since he entered our lives and nothing has been the same since!!!

Happy birthday baby boy!!! vintage Connor

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I added a new background :)

So what have I been up to?

Putting up the Christmas tree AND new curtains!


Goodbye ugly vertical blinds!


And bribing a certain toddler to take Christmas pictures- this is the best out of like 100.

december 094-1

and working of course....HELLO WINTER. Fun times.