Thursday, April 30, 2009

4/30/08---One year ago today.

Oh, how things change!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

nursery pics...

We finally have a mostly-completed nursery- now that Connor is 4.5 months old!!! I did a few projects over Easter weekend- painting wall letters, hanging the curtain, ect....

Connor loves to look at his quilt- i'm glad i finally got it up on the wall!

a few Easter pics...

Look what the Easter Bunny brought Connor!!!

Going for a stroll in his new sunglasses......

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter, love Connor

4 month checkup...and starting solids

Connor had his 4 month checkup with his doctor today..... 14lbs, 9.8 oz and 25.25 inches long now! He also got two shots and wasn't very happy about them, but quickly recovered from the experience. He's doing lots of new things now, grabbing toys, babbling, and he just started on rice cereal in the last week. As usual, he is a very good eater, and seems to enjoy. Next to come...veggies!!!

Who says I can't have more??

More, please!!!

Fine, i'll just snack on my hand.

This past Sunday, Connor was able to meet his great granny and great grandaddy finally. They came to see us, along with Connor's great aunt Jennifer.
Picture of the five of us....Connor was not interested in participating.

Family pic

Connor and Great-Granny

Worn out from our trip to IHOP and lots of visiting.

Go Dawgs!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Four months old!

Look how much I've grown!!!
2 weeks old

Four months old!

Checkup this week, so we'll have the official stats on Friday but we're guessing about 14lbs now!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

lots of pics...and a quick update.

SO I haven't been updating the blog lately, I wish I had more time to keep it up to date, but life gets in the way! If I had a desk job where I actually was at a computer and had time to kill, it would be updated more often! The good news is that I am finally finished with my Grand Rounds- the big presentation of residency. It was March 27th at 7 30 am, so if you were still sleeping at that time, I'll be happy to email my powerpoint. Just kidding.
We are still loving our house, but it is still a huge mess of boxes and random things thrown around. Connor's room and the living room are the only rooms that I am not embarassed about currently. Connor is still enjoying his daycare class and the other day Patrick picked him up and he was napping in his CRIB. We have started the transition at home, but he's been sick with a cold the last few days so it hasn't been going as well as it could. We'll get there though!

Cheering on UNC!!!
Oh, so true.

Playing in my bouncy seat.

Froggy towel and a good shot of the chunky chunk arms.

Yes, my child likes to drink water in the bath, but it is at least the clean rinse water.

Making a quick escape from the highchair. "Help me Mr. Bear while they're not watching"

Nom Nom Nom

Reading "Peter Rabbit" for the 10th time with daddy.

WHAT is this chair you've put me in???

Three months old!!! 3/2/09

Discovering my hands.....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Like father.......... patrick, 1979 son!
connor, 2009