Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He's obsessed ....with trucks!!!!

At dentist, originally uploaded by Makclair.

Our son is obsessed these days with trucks.

It used to be dogs- everything for the last few months was woof-woof. He would see a stuffed animal- woofwoof. See a dog- woofwoof. Cat-woofwoof. Animals at the zoo- woofwoof. Well, finally I think he figured it out. Now, large animals - Mewwwww (moo). This includes large dogs, much to our embarassment when he moo-ed at several great danes downtown last weekend. Their owners didn't seem to mind. He also calls small animals "tats" (ha) which means cats, and this includes small dogs. In between animals are still woof-woofs, but he's starting to say dog. I learned about this way of thinking when I was in college in child development (and can't remember what it is called, but it is interesting to see it play out in your own kid!)

So now we're obsessed with the trucks. He's always loved those little tonka trucks- he owns basically an entire fleet of vehicles. He also loves his school bus and sometimes the smaller trucks get to ride in the school bus. Now he's saying "truck" more often and he uses it for everything.
In the morning he's talking about truck-truck which is daddy's car . When we're going somewhere in my car (honda pilot) he calls it truck-truck-truck and he prefers my car as I guess it is more truck-like. He points to riding lawnmowers and regular lawnmowers and yells TRUCK!. One of the more exciting mornings of his life so far was going to my office when he was sick with a fever (to get a strep test) but the garbage truck happened to be there and he actually got to witness the dumpster being dumped in action. He would not stop talking about the "dump truck!"

So anyway, I have completely re-vamped my ideas for his birthday party now. I originally was going to do Yo-Gabba-Gabba (google it) because he loves the music. Well, now we have mr-truck-obsessed. We're doing a truck theme party! Yes, I know it is in Dec, but you know how busy work is at that time of year, so i'm already starting the planning. We'll do truck decorations, a truck cake and I think it will be super cute. Very boy-ish.

I've already started finding ideas!
Wouldn't these be awesome party hats??

I feel like this design is a little too big boy for him, but it is the only thing I can really find.

Or this one?????

What do you think???

Fall is (almost) here!!!

So, it is September, as hard as it is to believe!!!
Finally starting to cool down a little, can actually enjoy the outdoors these days, pumpkins starting to appear at the grocery store and thinking about the apple orchard. Of course, it is full swing on strep/colds/sinus infections/allergies/school avoidance these days as well!!!!

But back to the good stuff:

I've gone ahead and started decorating for Fall. At this time last year I was studying for boards so I didn't really do a lot as far as putting up stuff this time of year. But I've already started this year!!!

I've had this wreath forever- since I lived in that old house in downtown Macon- and it has held up pretty well. I got it at Hobby Lobby originally, i think.


On our mantle, I put up some autumnal garland, a glass jar of cinnamon sticks, apple-cinnamon potpouri and I got a super cute little pumpkin picture frame! ((((HobbyLobby))))

IMAG0400This is our "candy bucket" but I think i'm going to put some pinecones in it for now. The last thing we need is a bucket of candy sitting there for the next 6 weeks!!!

IMAG0401Still to come- I want to get a few more outdoorsy type decorations- maybe some mums next to our front door, a hay bale and a scarecrow:)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Update

I'm working all weekend/on call so I hope I have nothing exciting to share about this weekend- Last weekend was Labor Day and we were all off from school/work so we did a lot of fun things. I'm a little behind on uploading pics, so i'll go ahead and write this post, and then add in more pics or write an update blog when I get more pics up!

We grilled out several times over the weekend- we did burgers/sweet potato fries/grilled corn and then the next night we did London Broil on the grill- Yum!


This boy loves sweet potato fries!


We spent a lot of time just hangin out, reading, dancing at home. Connor just got this new book (yo gabba gabba -Party in my tummy). He has tons of books, but currently he's obsessed with this one and any book of his that has trucks in it- especially Richard Scarry's "Cars and Trucks and Things that Go")


I also got a little bit crafty and made my first diaper wreath for a coworker who is due with a little boy. I need to attach a few little things on here, but i'm pretty happy with my first creation. IMAG0392.jpg

We also stayed busy over the weekend- attended a birthday party for Connor's classmate Peyton and we went Cleveland Park/downtown twice and also went to the zoo!!! More pics to come!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

cvs deals this week! (Saved about 60%)

cvs deals this week!, originally uploaded by Makclair.

So i've been holding on to an aveeno raincheck for a long time, waiting for them to get more diaper cream and lotion in stock so I could use it. Finally! I would have preferred to get all diaper cream (the aveeno kind is MAGIC!) but i had some printable coupons that were about to expire. So I had to get other stuff which we can definately use as well.

Deals: 2 pack body wash 3.99 with one ECB offer - $2 coupon from the red machine= 1.99 with one ECB back.
Gummy Vitamins:7.50 BOGO and 1.00 coupon off each bottle.
Gain soap:1.39 - free coupon = FREE
Aveeno baby products: Raincheck for 3.99 and buy 20/get 10 back in ECB. Plus I had three printable coupons for 1.00.
I had only 1.99 in ecb to spend

Total 31 something and I got 11 back in ECB. sweet!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

All for 16.90 at Publix! Saved 32 dollars!! (65%)

All for 16.90, originally uploaded by Makclair.

I haven't posted a good savings wrap up on my blog lately, but I took a pic with my phone and wanted to share it!

I caught all these deals on the last day of the sale this past weekend at Publix.

Right guard men's Deodorant- normally 3.99 each, on sale BOGO so 2.00 each. Then I had 1.50 off each printable coupons- which made them 50 cents each!

Huggies Wipes- normally 19.99 for the big box- I had a 5.00 off store coupon as well as a 2.00 manufactuer's coupon- which made it 12.99.

Huggies Wipes (3 normal sized packs)- normally 6.99 and I had a 2.00 off store coupon as well as a 2.00 off manufactuer's coupon, making it 2.99.

Campbell's soup- normally 2.40, on sale for 1.19 and then I had a 1.00 off coupon- 19cents!

This made a total of 21.90, and I have a mail in rebate for a 5 dollar publix gc for the diapers/wipes! Net of 16.90 for all!