Saturday, February 20, 2010

Consigment sale!

I love consigment sales- I wish I had known about them before Connor was born b/c you can get some really good deals on baby/kid stuff! Around here there are sales pretty much every weekend in the spring, and then again in the fall. The good thing is that you can usually hit a different one each weekend, but the bad news is that if you miss a really good one, you might miss out on some great deals on things you're looking for! Also, around here they all start on Friday, which would be great if I didn't happen to be at work all day. Last weekend was one of the best sales but I was on call all weekend and couldn't go . So this weekend i was planning to head out bright and early to another sale.

I did get a bunch of specific toys for Connor- Little People school bus and a whole bag of little people , some new bath toys, a wooden train set, and 2 flashlights! They're all in perfect condition and way below retail price.

I actually got 5 pair of shoes- all Stride Rite and less than 5 dollars per pair. Connor really needed to move up to some new shoes!

This sale was actually REALLY disappointing for clothes. I won't name names but this sale had a horrible selection of clothes. Most everything was really old, or worn out. I could not find much that was actually even worth the price it was marked to me. I did get 2 pair of pj's, and a few shorts and polo shirts, but that was it!

Connor was REALLY happy with the school bus, so I guess the trip was worth it, but I guess i'll be heading out in the next few weeks for another sale to get him some summer stuff!

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