Monday, January 11, 2010

Our baby is really growing up!!!!

Connor is continuing to change and grow so much these days! He's really a great walker now, and tries to run at times (and falls down). He has started climbing things including trying to get up the ladder to the attic when we were putting up Christmas decorations. Seriously.
He likes to feed himself at meals, and we are now totally off baby food. He'll still let us feed him yogurt because he loves it so much. He's starting to want to hold a spoon during meals, but hasn't quite figured that out yet! He finally adapted to drinking cow's milk during the day, but is still nursing at home. The medela has been long packed away!!!
He's talking all the time, most of the things we can't understand. He says dada, mama, na-na (when he wants to eat a bite of something), zats-zis (what's this), zook(either book or look), tree (Christmas Tree), ze-jus (Jesus on the nativity), and many more things.
Connor started a new class at school this past week- Toddler 1. It is a huge transition for him. No bottles, they sit in tiny chairs at a tiny table to eat their 2 meals and snack (off the school menu). We don't even have to send his cups anymore, they provide them. They sleep on mats instead of cribs. He has two brand new teachers, but he knows most of the kids. He doesn't even leave a diaper bag anymore. They keep his diapers in his cubby and he has a basket where he keeps extra clothes as well as his blanket for nap. He's started coloring and sending home art projects and they have a daily activity/lesson. What a big boy!

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Marcy said...

Wow! How did he grow up so fast? That seems like big kid stuff to me!