Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Haircut!!!!!

I usually get my hair cut by a great stylist, but now that we've moved out of the big city (LOL) and my hours are so long during the week, it is really hard for me to schedule a haircut. Plus, with all the holiday stuff going on, ect she didn't have a lot of openings on my days off. SO it ended up that the last haircut I had gotten was in MAY! Too, too long.

I actually made a hair appointment for the first week in January, but then my stylist was sick (she's also 35 weeks pregnant right now) and the next appointment I could get was Jan 20th!

I finally gave in and asked my nurse at work if her daughter could do my hair- she's a cosmetology instructor at a local Technical college around here, plus she works at a salon, so I thought she could probably handle my super thick wavy hair. I have tried to just walk in places before and have had very poor results so I needed somebody with experience which is I why I love my usual stylist.

So anyway, she actually came to my house on a Sunday afternoon to cut my hair! She did an excellent job- it looked like an animal had been shaved after she was finished cutting (on the floor- not my head). I am very happy!

She also offered to cut Connor's hair for free while she was here, and he needed it!!!

He just got a little trim in the back- it was starting to go out of control, and he's inherited our thick wavy hair as well.

We started out wearing the smock.....he though it was sort of a strange bib, but sat still.... I was actually amazed how still he sat- i'm sure it looks like i'm choking him here,
but i'm not, i promise. Just keeping his little head still for sharp scissors.

and here's my hair- you can scroll down to see pics of how long it was pre-haircut!

I'm really spoiled now......having somebody come to my house to cut my hair was NICE!

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