Sunday, January 17, 2010

One year pictures!

So we finally got Connor's one year old pictures taken. Since he turned a year during the prime Christmast portrait season, I wanted to wait till January so that it would be less crazy. When we have done pics before (at 5 months and 9 months) we went to the Picture People, and we decided to try Portrait Innovations. The good thing about all those kind of places is that you can go and if it doesn't turn out well, you haven't spent anything but your time!

This principle proved itself all too well! I made an appointment for Wednesday- my usual day off. I did some errands, and then got everything ready- clothes ironed, ect. I even went to the grocery store and bought some cupcakes to use a prop since he wouldn't really smash his birthday cake. I got Connor from school and off we went!

Well, the session was a total FAIL. He was already in a bad mood b/c we were just 2 days into his new classroom and he was having major adjustment issues. So when i got to school he cried when he saw me, and then when we arrived at the portrait place, he looked puzzled as to why we were not at home. I tried to give him a little time to warm up, but it was not happening. Every time we tried to get him in the picture area, he started crying. So we ended up leaving and rescheduling. I wanted to cry!

Saturday morning we were back again, this time with low expectations, haha! I just really wanted a few good pics b/c he will not ever look at me at home- my camera just isn't fast enough! I've even tried to set up little "photo sessions" at home,but i'm never happy with what I get. Well, he was much happier, didn't cry one time, and we got some great pics! So i was a pretty happy mom! Here are some of the unedited pics....

Connor just loved this little rocking chair- he actually brought it over to the backdrop,
and was rocking it himself.

I felt like he was a tiny bit old to do bathtub pics, but they turned out well.
I'm going to put one in the hall bathroom!

By this point, he was getting bored, so we didn't end up getting any pics in this outfit.
He figured out that there was a lego table in the waiting area and would not be distracted from that no matter what!!

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