Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas......part 4..

While we were up in my hometown, we were fortunate to be able to stay with my friends Wendy and Joe and their 15 month old, Grant. Connor wasn't feeling his best (he ended up having an ear infection), but it was nice to be at an already-babyproofed house!

Connor's new cup from Santa

this is the best pic we could get of them together

Connor liked the train!

what to do???


Christmas morning we went over to my parents' house to open presents. Connor seems to be enjoying his books and hammer in this picture!

The newlyweds

Christmas afternoon, Patrick, Connor and I drove across the entire state of Georgia to his family's lakehouse. Thank you GPS! We made it in good time, with only one bathroom stop. Thank goodness for a baby that doesn't eat as frequently anymore, and is happy with a sippy cup and goldfish crackers!!!!

Connor loves the presents!!


This was one of his favorite things from Christmas. It is a Fisher Price Little People farm set, and he loves to carry around the barn- it has a handle and all the people and animals store inside.

reading with uncle Mike

Orange is my favorite!

stealing this!

opening presents with mommy!

To top off our trip, most of both of our families ended up with a stomach bug,
but we all survived it in time to return to work on Monday.
New Year's Eve was sort of boring since I was on call. I ended up going to bed before midnight!
If you are wondering, the only New Year's resolution I made was to blog more!
This is the only way I can keep track of things!!!!!!

So this was the end of the Christmas posts! Hope you survived them all!!!!!!

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