Saturday, January 30, 2010

I got a new car!!!!

As much as I have loved my 1997 mazda, all things must come to an end....
We've actually been looking for a new car for a while, as my car was really starting to get worn out, and a lot of things were needing to be fixed/replaced, likely costing more than it was worth. I was starting to feel a little unsafe with Connor in the car. it was time.

We had been looking for a few months to find a dependable vehicle that was in our budget- plus we needed something that had some room for travel and transporting all our stuff.

Here it is- I got a 2006 Honda Pilot! It is beautiful- drives great and in excellent condition.

This is one of the seller's photos- I got it Weds night and it has been dark when I got home every day since so I had to steal this photo since it is too icy to take pics in the driveway today.

Here is a view of the back- it has a third row that is folded up in this picture to seat 8 people! Like a van, but sportier! The seats actually all fold down completely flat for large cargo.

Here's a picture of the 3rd row folded down. The cargo net is removable, obviously, but good to keep groceries, ect from sliding around all over the place. I accidently deleted the pic i had uploaded of the third row folded up. This is what happens when you blog with a toddler.

Interior picture of the front seats and console. Two things i love about this car that I didn't have in my previous one- cup holders and being able to see what station the radio is on! My last car had only one cupholder which had been broken by my dog, and the radio/cd player had something wrong with it so the screen was completely black. It still worked, but you had to just guess at what station you were listening to. It has TONS of storage!!!

Back of my new car in the garage

Front view

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