Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quick update......

So I am currently working at home (aka independent study)......

I have had off and on issues with my blood pressure during my whole pregnancy, but things actually started to get better during my 2nd trimester (which is a pretty normal thing), however my pressure started to rise again during my 3rd trimester. I've actually been going to the doctor pretty much weekly during my pregnancy to follow my blood pressure, so I've gotten to know everyone at the office very well!!! I've also been checking it at home and it is lower at home but it isn't as low as i would like. Fortunately I haven't had to be on any medications. I didn't really talk about it much b/c it stressed me out even more to talk about it!

High blood pressure during pregnancy is a lot scarier than regular high blood pressure b/c it can cause growth problems in the baby as well as lead to preeclampsia, which is very dangerous for mom and baby!

In the last few weeks, my blood pressure has been getting worse, and when I went on Thursday it continued to be horrible. So at that point, my doctor told me I had to be off work Friday-Monday and return for a recheck on Monday afternoon. Well, on Monday after a few days not working, it was much better! So at that point, i am officially not working until after the baby is born. Thank goodness i'm not on full bedrest- I can do pretty much normal stuff at home as long as I'm not standing for a long time.

Everything is going fine with the baby- I have non-stress tests twice a week and frequent growth ultrasounds and he looks great!

And don't worry about me being bored! I have lots of reading to do!!!!


Carrie said...

Glad to hear you're doing well and that you get to rest up a bit! Enjoy the free time.

andysbethy said...

I just wanted to say I love those pictures of tiny little baby feet! SOOO cute!
Enjoy the time off work. I know it is frustrating, but focus on the positive. Quiet time to do your reading. Extra sleep (?) Keep us posted. Blessings!