Sunday, October 5, 2008

Part 1 of the shower weekend- LaFayette Shower.

My high school friends gave me a great shower Sept 21st....lots of games, food and tons of people!!

Yummy food
The madagascar cake....

Baby boy favors....Hershey's kisses in blue bags and candles.

Of course, there were some games, including "measuring Mary's belly"

and "identify the baby food"

time for the presents........

Of course, we have to have the UGA outfit.

lots of books!

the gifts before opening....

Diaper cake.......240 diapers!

College roomies: Lesley, Wendy, Gina and I .

My mom, Patrick's mom and I

Patrick and I


Marcy said...

I love that diaper cake! Wow! I have to ask about the food...are those animal crackers with that cheeseball? What kind of cheeseball was it? Also, were those fruit skewers stuck into a frozen watermelon?

Very creative! It looks like you racked up!

mary said...

Those were animal (I think graham crackers) with the cheeseball. It was this keylime/cream cheese type of thing..very yummy. I'm sure you can get the recipe from Gina or Wendy, I have their emails if you need them! Wendy made the fruit skewers sort of like those edible arrangement fruit things you can order.