Friday, October 24, 2008

As promised :)

Isn't he cute!
According to the ultrasounds yesterday he has TONS of hair. We're excited to see what color it turns out to be.
Other good news- I talked to my doctor's office this morning and I'm just going back on Monday as planned for another non-stress test. I'll be spending the weekend resting in the bed other than my baby shower Saturday night! Yay for showers!


Nicole said...

How sweet!!

Jenny Williams said...

OMG, how sweet! Jack looked IDENTICAL to his ultrasound like that. We were so amazed! Enjoy the rest while you can. I know it stinks being in the bed all the time, but you won't see much of the bed again after he is born - haha!

Marcy said...

I can't believe how clear those pictures are! Yours is the best face picture I have ever seen. You can really see what he looks like! I hope you are able to get lots of rest this weekend and the tests on Monday go okay.