Thursday, October 23, 2008

brief update.....

I am so tired after my 4 hours at the doctor's offices....

so my blood pressure was horrible when i got there-upper 140's/90's. (not unusual).

I had my growth ultrasound and he is now only on the 19th percentile overall and his abdomen was measuring less than 5th percentile.
This was a huge drop considering he was measuring right on the 50th percentile at the 30 week scan. I knew something was wrong during the ultrasound b/c she asked me if he had been measuring small.

When I saw my doctor he was very concerned, I also was only measuring only 31 weeks( my belly). My blood pressure was a little better after resting, which always happens. He basically wanted to put me in the hospital on strict bedrest, but then sent me to the High risk ob office upstairs in the building where they did another ultrasound and doppler studies on him and i met with one of the MFM specialists.

He was ok with everything (aka not going to the hospital) but of course was concerned about his growth. By the time I got done with the high risk doctor it was 5 30 and they were gone from my ob's office. So they said the doctor on call might call me tonight. Otherwise i'm going to call tommorrow.

think i'm just exhausted from the emotional stress of thinking I was going to the hospital and now knowing he isn't growing well and will likely come early for sure. He was 4lbs, 6 oz today. So no matter what happens, I'm pretty much on strict rest from now on. I have a baby shower this weekend and the high risk md said it would be ok to do that, but otherwise i'm parking my behind so he can get all the blood flow that he can.

I did get to see some adorable 3-d pics of his face. I'll have to scan them later.


Carrie said...

I'm glad you got the pictures, that's good! Ethan turned out to look just like his 3D ultrasounds. it's so cool to get a glimpse while they're still in utero.

Nicole said...

I hope you are able to relax during this time. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos!