Monday, November 3, 2008

35 weeks!

Halloween marked a very important day- we' ve officially reached 35 weeks! This is a very important date b/c at my hospital you can go to the regular newborn nursery (as long as you have no issues) at 35 weeks, even though technically full term is not until 37 weeks.

Otherwise, Halloween was not very exciting because we do not have trick or treaters at our apartment. Therefore, we did not buy any Halloween candy which equals a very boring weekend!!!! Next year I expect a much more fun Halloween because I will have a 10 month old to dress in the costume of my choosing!!! only have a short time before they start expressing interest in their costumes, and I plan to take full advantage of that time.

In other news, my good friend Amanda got married this past weekend and the wedding was beautiful! Obviously I wasn't able to attend :( but I have seen lots of pictures! She is off on her honeymoon this week soaking up the sun. The wedding was definately a long time coming because she and her now hubby got engaged in Dec of 2005!!!!

My public service announcement today is to remind you to get your flu shot! I got mine today and hope that my body will hurry up to make IgG antibodies which will pass through the placenta. Patrick got his flu shot and TDaP on Friday as well. So remember, if you want to hold our baby this winter, get your flu shot and TDaP. Actually, that goes for any baby!!!!


Nicole said...

Look at your cute belly! You seem to be in good spirits, which is wonderful!

Julie and Chris said...

Yea 35 weeks!! Hope the little peanut (and your blood pressure!) stay in there for a little while longer. We are thinking about you!