Saturday, November 8, 2008

Showered again!!!!

Some of Patrick's coworkers threw us a great shower at a local restaurant yesterday at lunchtime- So sweet of them to do it! Of course he works at an office with approx 90% women, so they are all excited about the new baby coming! It was nice to finally meet all of them, and enjoy lunch with all of them. Weirdly enough (for those of you who know my usual eating habits), I had my second cheeseburger for lunch ( two days in a row.) It was very good- I'm not sure why I've been having these cheeseburger cravings, but maybe i'm saving up!!!

The funny thing about my lunch is that I was getting very full, but I had this weird abdominal cramp and thought "Oh, that could be a contraction, so I better eat as much as I can just in case I'm going into labor, b/c they won't let you eat once you get to the hospital!!!!" Lol. Clearly, i didn't go into labor, but I was stuffed the rest of the day!!!!

Not a great pic, but they didn't take a lot of pictures of us together, and none where we were both looking at the camera!!!!!!!

Adorable diaper cake!!!! It was made of 79 diapers, I sadly took it apart today b/c we will not have time after the little one arrives, but so cute!!!!! I saved all the animals b/c i am thinking I may use them to decorate in his room (when he has one of his own!!!!!).

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