Thursday, November 13, 2008

37 weeks!!!

We're now at 37 weeks and I had a big visit with the high-risk OB office this afternoon to do another in-depth growth scan! The baby has grown well in the last 3 weeks, his growth is on the 17th percentile overall, but that is actually a good thing b/c he has been gaining appropriately since his last measurements. I guess all the bedrest has been working!!!
This was definately a relief and an answer to prayer!
Since his growth is ok (he's just small compared to a lot of other babies) they don't need to get him out urgently due to growth restriction. It would be ok for him to be born now since most likely his lungs are well developed, but in another week he will be technically full term. I saw my regular OB after that visit, and they're planning to wait another week as of now to induce me unless new issues develop.


Jenny Williams said...

YAY! I'm so glad the baby is happy and healthy! One more week - try to sleep while you have the chance! After Jack was born, I don't think I slept for 48 hours! HA!

Nicole said...

Aw, Mary! I'm so excited for you!