Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random update

I have no pictures to post right now b/c I am at work- the bane of my existance.

Right now I'm on PICU Night Float- which means I work long nights in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I'm sure I've expressed how much I dislike intensive care to some of you, but for those who haven't heard- it is definately not for me! I'm sure this baby will have heard more about ventilators and IV drugs and TPN before he's born than anybody would care to hear about in their lifetimes. Maybe he'll be comforted by all those alarms and beeps he's been hearing. Probably not, b/c I don't think his hearing was working when I spent 8 weeks in the NICU over the summer. Oh well, I guess I 'll have to get some real music for him.

It would be nice to vent about my patients and share the good and the bad of my job, but is illegal and so I'll can only talk about it in a general way.

For more exciting pregnancy updates...I finally did finish my walmart registry, which was quite an experience. I am sad to report that I was more informed about setting up the registry than the adolescent girl working at the jewelry counter.

The baby has been getting more and more active- as of tommorrow, i'll be 26 weeks! This is probably only really exciting for those of you who have been in the NICU and actually seen 26 weekers. Otherwise, I apologize, it is just another week.

We have an exciting shipment arriving this weekend- my mom bought us our glider rocker and it is on the way! I'll be using it immediately b/c I am looking forward to sitting in it throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

For some reason, my heartburn has now broken through the Prevacid- I'm not sure what solution i'll be looking for next. Maybe it is just my body's way of wanting more Tums. haha.

I guess this is about all for now...hopefully i'll have a more interesting post in the future!!!!!


Julie and Chris said...

mmm...I love Tums (the minty ones are the best!) Glad you are feeling good--GO 26 WEEKS!!

Jenny said...

Pepcid worked wonders for me. I took it every day. I had TERRIBLE heartburn, and amazingly, it disappeared the minute I gave birth!