Monday, August 18, 2008

23 weeks

I think my belly has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few weeks!!!
Things are going pretty good. However, I have learned that even though I am far into the second trimester, I still am experiencing nausea and surprise puking episodes at work. Great!
I am very excited ( and thankful) that we have several showers coming up so this weekend I updated my Target registry in the store. We're also registered at Babies R Us AND Walmart which is crazy. That's what we get for having friends and family members living so many different places.

I had to post this funny pic- when we were in Atlanta last weekend, Patrick's mom gave me some old clothes of his and this is a t shirt and shorts he wore when he was about a year old. If you click on it it you can see that it says "Peachtree Road Race 1980!".


Nicole said...

You are still so tiny!! And I'm sorry you are still feeling nauseous.

And I LOVE the vintage race clothes!

Jessica said...

I do see a difference between the last pic and this one, but I agree with Nicole, you are still tiny!

Funny story to tell you about baby bellies growing- the girl at work who is pregnant with twins- she is due in November. When I left for vacation she looked pregnant, but not huge by any means, espically a girl pregnant with twins. I'm gone from work for 2 1/2 weeks and come back and OMG! She looks REALLY pregnant now! It was quite something to see!

Wow, registered in 3 places!!! Want and need a lot, Mary? Just kidding! It's your first baby, and I bet your lists are huge!

That was one thing I noticed after working at Target forever. You could ALWAYS tell when it was the first baby!

I hope that the feeling sick and puking do stop for you soon!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the clothes! You gonna save them for the baby?