Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wendy's Baby Shower

My friend Wendy is expecting a little boy towards the end of October, so we had a fun shower for her about two weeks ago. It was lots of fun to check out all the baby items and get together with lots of old friends......
Winnie the Pooh cake.......of course...

College Roomies- Lesley, Wendy, Gina and I

quite possibly the funniest moment of the shower- the person who brought the 7th gift is next in line- and it is the future Grandmother!!!!!!

More winnie the pooh.....about 75% of her stuff is

Adorable personalized backpack

This was an awesome diaper cake- Over 250 diapers and tons of extra stuff...

Basically a HS reunion- Terri, Gina,Amanda, Wendy, me, Amber, Whitney and Kerrie

The two pregnant women!

Amanda in the midst of disassembling the diaper took a while!!!!

Wendy with all the goodies!


Marcy said...

I never realized that you, Gina, and Wendy all went to HS together! That is the biggest diaper cake I have ever seen! I can't believe she took it apart so soon! I have never seen one with the stuff on the outside like that! It looks like y'all had a great party and it was nice to see the familiar faces!

Jessica said...

That diaper cake was great! The twins ( I don't remember their names) did a great job putting it together!

So, I had no idea the lady whose 7th gift was opened was one of the future grandma's! That makes it REALLY funny. Gina almost picked mine for that 7th gift then picked up the soon to be grandma's!

mary said...

Yep- Wendy and I have actually known each other since preschool! Craziness!!!