Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Update.....

So as usual, since talking about the majority of my life is non HIPAA compliant,
I will post a quick baby update!!!!
22 weeks
As of today, I'm actually 23 weeks- I usually take my belly pic at the end of the week, so i'll try to post it later! I had a OB appointment on Tuesday and all was well. The baby was actually very active and they couldn't get him to be still enough to actually get his heartbeat to register on the doppler for awhile. He was moving around the whole time. I've finally really started to notice him moving and can actually feel him on the outside if the timing is right. This weekend, I actually have plans that do not include spending my entire weekend at the hospital- Wendy's baby shower is coming up and hopefully I will have pics to post when I return!!!!


Nicole said...

It's so cool that you really feel the baby moving! I LOVE putting my hand on my sister's belly to feel my niece moving. She should be here in the next couple of weeks and I can't wait to meet her! Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

I'll be at Wendy's shower too! See you tomorrow!!!

Michelle Maxwell Nebel said...

Hey Mary! How neat that you can feel the baby moving -- I am feeling this one EARLY this time (inside around 15 weeks and Chris felt him/her on the outside around 16.5). Isn't it the coolest thing?

I loved your "talking about the rest of my life is non HIPPAA compliant" -- cracked me up!!! :0)

andysbethy said...

Mary - I haven't made it a habit to read your blog, but I occasionally check in. I guess it has been longer than I thought, because I didn't even know you are pregnant. Congratulations!!!! I loved getting to feel all the kicks and squirms when I was pregnant. What fun! I am so excited for you.
I will check back a little sooner next time, so I can stay up to date on your baby news. Congratulations again!!