Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He's obsessed ....with trucks!!!!

At dentist, originally uploaded by Makclair.

Our son is obsessed these days with trucks.

It used to be dogs- everything for the last few months was woof-woof. He would see a stuffed animal- woofwoof. See a dog- woofwoof. Cat-woofwoof. Animals at the zoo- woofwoof. Well, finally I think he figured it out. Now, large animals - Mewwwww (moo). This includes large dogs, much to our embarassment when he moo-ed at several great danes downtown last weekend. Their owners didn't seem to mind. He also calls small animals "tats" (ha) which means cats, and this includes small dogs. In between animals are still woof-woofs, but he's starting to say dog. I learned about this way of thinking when I was in college in child development (and can't remember what it is called, but it is interesting to see it play out in your own kid!)

So now we're obsessed with the trucks. He's always loved those little tonka trucks- he owns basically an entire fleet of vehicles. He also loves his school bus and sometimes the smaller trucks get to ride in the school bus. Now he's saying "truck" more often and he uses it for everything.
In the morning he's talking about truck-truck which is daddy's car . When we're going somewhere in my car (honda pilot) he calls it truck-truck-truck and he prefers my car as I guess it is more truck-like. He points to riding lawnmowers and regular lawnmowers and yells TRUCK!. One of the more exciting mornings of his life so far was going to my office when he was sick with a fever (to get a strep test) but the garbage truck happened to be there and he actually got to witness the dumpster being dumped in action. He would not stop talking about the "dump truck!"

So anyway, I have completely re-vamped my ideas for his birthday party now. I originally was going to do Yo-Gabba-Gabba (google it) because he loves the music. Well, now we have mr-truck-obsessed. We're doing a truck theme party! Yes, I know it is in Dec, but you know how busy work is at that time of year, so i'm already starting the planning. We'll do truck decorations, a truck cake and I think it will be super cute. Very boy-ish.

I've already started finding ideas!
Wouldn't these be awesome party hats??

I feel like this design is a little too big boy for him, but it is the only thing I can really find.

Or this one?????

What do you think???


Chad said...

Ha! Reagan is obsessed with cranes, aka, anything that is tall - cell phone towers, actual cranes, powerlines, etc...

legardwaldrop said...

I like the second idea, with matching everything....when my boys were little, everything HAD to match (for me). I used to go crazy at other parties with superman napkins, crayon plates, he-man cake, etc...

Michelle M. Nebel said...

Sounds like it will be a great party theme! And I know what you're talking about in the first part of this post... isn't it something to do with classification? They start out with one name for a very broad category, and then they add more names as they realize there are differences. Ahhh, has it been *that* long since I took my child dev. classes!? :-)