Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall is (almost) here!!!

So, it is September, as hard as it is to believe!!!
Finally starting to cool down a little, can actually enjoy the outdoors these days, pumpkins starting to appear at the grocery store and thinking about the apple orchard. Of course, it is full swing on strep/colds/sinus infections/allergies/school avoidance these days as well!!!!

But back to the good stuff:

I've gone ahead and started decorating for Fall. At this time last year I was studying for boards so I didn't really do a lot as far as putting up stuff this time of year. But I've already started this year!!!

I've had this wreath forever- since I lived in that old house in downtown Macon- and it has held up pretty well. I got it at Hobby Lobby originally, i think.


On our mantle, I put up some autumnal garland, a glass jar of cinnamon sticks, apple-cinnamon potpouri and I got a super cute little pumpkin picture frame! ((((HobbyLobby))))

IMAG0400This is our "candy bucket" but I think i'm going to put some pinecones in it for now. The last thing we need is a bucket of candy sitting there for the next 6 weeks!!!

IMAG0401Still to come- I want to get a few more outdoorsy type decorations- maybe some mums next to our front door, a hay bale and a scarecrow:)

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