Saturday, September 11, 2010

cvs deals this week! (Saved about 60%)

cvs deals this week!, originally uploaded by Makclair.

So i've been holding on to an aveeno raincheck for a long time, waiting for them to get more diaper cream and lotion in stock so I could use it. Finally! I would have preferred to get all diaper cream (the aveeno kind is MAGIC!) but i had some printable coupons that were about to expire. So I had to get other stuff which we can definately use as well.

Deals: 2 pack body wash 3.99 with one ECB offer - $2 coupon from the red machine= 1.99 with one ECB back.
Gummy Vitamins:7.50 BOGO and 1.00 coupon off each bottle.
Gain soap:1.39 - free coupon = FREE
Aveeno baby products: Raincheck for 3.99 and buy 20/get 10 back in ECB. Plus I had three printable coupons for 1.00.
I had only 1.99 in ecb to spend

Total 31 something and I got 11 back in ECB. sweet!

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