Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Costume is Here!!!

Last year Connor was a monkey- a very adorable little monkey of course. october 037
We were trying to decide what for him to do this year, as he is blissfully unable to make too many preferences about his costume right now (and this will soon change :)
I have a friend whose son Jackson was a dragon last year- this was the costume I really wanted for Connor last year that had been sold out.
So guess who is borrowing it this year?? Me of course!!!!
We got it in the mail this morning, and he demanded to try it on immediately. It fits perfectly!
My little dragon-boy

Wings and tail.

the tail sticks out in the back.

he really liked the claws, btw.

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Oh and please excuse the weird picture sizes- i'm learning to blog directly from picasa.


McMel said...

that is hilarious!

Jen said...

Love this!! He looks so cute and I am glad that it fits him.