Friday, September 12, 2008

these dishes.....

At our wedding, we got a box of dishes without a card or any identifying information. They weren't off our registry, definately not something that was my style. In fact, I thought that maybe they were left at our venue by a previous wedding.
Approximately 9 months later, a mutual friend of ours admitted that he purchased the dishes at a Kroger on the way to our wedding. mystery solved.... (however, I must wonder, who stops at Kroger on the way to a wedding to pick up a gift, and why did he choose the dishes over say, a giftcard?)
Since we moved to Greenville, these dishes have been in the guestroom closet, just waiting for a new home...I had sort of forgotten about them, since they were under some other boxes of stuff. Last night I did some cleaning of that closet, and discovered the dishes. I had a perfect plan- Patrick is going to help a high school friend move to his first apartment this weekend and I just knew that he would be able to use the dishes. Alas, my plan was foiled when he told us that people had already given him dishes.
I am giving up. If anybody is interested in these dishes- you are welcome to them. We'll even bring them to the Atlanta or LaFayette area next weekend!
Otherwise they are going to the goodwill.


Jessica said...

Too funny! I would say that I would take them, but I already have dishes in the attic (and many other items) waiting for me to one day (hopefully) get my own place! At this point who knows when that will be!

Hopefully you can find someone to take them.

mary said...

thanks- i think my sister is actually going to use them, so at least they'll find a home!