Friday, September 12, 2008

28 weeks!!!

I finally broke down and bought some new jeans at Motherhood- for any of you pregnant people reading this blog, the "secret fit belly" are the best. I am one of the cheapest people I know, but I finally just broke down and gave in. I just wasn't loving my 4 dollar goodwill jeans for anything other than lounging around- and i'm sure I'll be using them for a while AFTER he arrives :(

I am also getting to the point where the belly is starting to impede my bending down, sitting in various positions, walking, ect. Oh the fun. I'm sure it will only get better!!! I won't complain too much b/c I have informed the baby that he absolutely better stay in there at least another 8 weeks b/we do not want to revisit the NICU- he's spent plenty of the pregnancy in there already!!!!

Even though I have a rediculous amount of things to do that are work-related (aka GRAND ROUNDS SO SOON) I have been trying to organize the baby stuff before our showers b/c i am sure our apartment will then be taken over!

Clearly, I have been a little obsessed with buying boy clothes- but i have gotten really, really good deals. I am not letting myself buying anything else....for now :)
The current piles of other stuff in the corner- the big pamper box is full of clothes!


Carrie said...

Free stuff is the best! And it looks like you got some great buys as well. Have fun sorting through your things!

Jessica said...

I bought your shower gift today. Can't wait to see you on the 21st!