Thursday, September 11, 2008

new things.......

I'm finally off of PICU night float, and enjoying a brief interlude of Pediatric Surgery- it is outpatient and I'm really enjoying it- as shocking as that is to some. I think next week is going to be a little crazier.

Last night we went our friends Nancy and Joe's house and picked up all this great baby loot! They have an adorable 18 month old named JC- he seemed a little confused about why some of his toys were being taken away!!!!!

Just look at all this great stuff- A deluxe exersaucer, a playmat, a toy gym thing, a bumbo seat with tray, a "floppy seat" shopping cart cover..and a few smaller things! AND a box full of baby clothes! Patrick said " He's already taking over and he's not even here!!!!!" I am sure that comment will be repeated after next weekend's baby showers!!!!!

Oh, and i got some new bling- I didn't get a surprise gift or anything, but I've started to get the point where my rings were getting tight and leaving lines on my fingers. I didn't really want to get the point where i had to get them cut off!!! I improvised at Kohl's and went for the CZ!

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