Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Belly Pics....

21 weeks

20 weeks

19 weeks

18 weeks

Yeah, not that exciting.......but I'm posting them anyway!

In MORE EXCITING NEWS....I am finished with my 2nd month in the NICU while I've been pregnant. Yay. Lets just say seeing all the possible things that can go wrong on a daily basis is not so fun while you are expecting. I'm just glad to be out of there! I'm now on the wards as the third year chief, so basically I am still working on figuring out my role.

I get (am forced haha) to start weekends in the PICU this weekend, and I'm dreading it!!!!!!

Oh, and I got a new camera for my birthday- so we will actually be able to take pics of the new baby without changing the batteries out every 10 minutes.


Nicole said...

I hope all goes well in the PICU! And you're adorable. Love that black and white top!

Jessica said...

You should try and keep your head in the pictures of the baby belly!