Saturday, July 5, 2008

new belly pic...and update...

17 weeks, 3 days So, I'm finally starting to have a belly....
Other than still feeling sick off and on, things are going well. I had my 17 week doctor's appointment on Monday, and things are fine- we got to hear the baby's hearbeat again.
As of July 1st, I'm now in my final year of residency! Yikes! Very scary for several reasons-
1. I am now the most upper level resident around! When did that happen? I feel like i just started!!!
2. I have to actually FIND A JOB this year.....I guess after my 24 years of school/training, it is about time....haha.
Anyway, I'm back in the NICU again this far i'm one call down, 6 more to go. I have realized that I don't really mind working in here during the days (other than the constant stress worrying about our baby brought on by being here) but the nights really wear me down. Hopefully this month will be a little less hard on my body than the one I did in the first trimester when I was really sick!

I promised more pics from all the end of the year stuff...but right now i'm trapped (aka working) in the NICU on call, so those will have to wait a few more days!!!

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Nicole said...

Hope you feel completely better soon! And I love your top!