Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'm missing camp.....

To all the true camp people out there, you know you are a camp "lifer" if.....
80% of your clothing shows evidence of paint.
Abnormality is a compliment.
All your co-workers could be clinically classified as pyromaniacs, multiple personalities or obsessive compulsive.
Being at home makes you homesick.
Dressing up only involves slightly cleaner clothes.
Everything you have has your initials on it.
Most of your stories start with "and then there was this time at camp...."
On the job training includes 'The Cup Game".Tater Tots are there own food group.
Sandal/watch tan lines are a competition.
Screaming and running at the same time is a coveted skill.
Sharpies, pens and duct tape are worth more than gold.
The following letters make sense: NCA.Using logic could get you into trouble.
Camp has been over for 22 minutes and you're already thinking about next summer.
You are convinced that there is no way you could date someone who is not a camp guy/girl, because no one else really understands.
You can make anything out of duct tape, including Band Aids.
You can make up a song/cheer about anything.
You can shampoo, wash and shave your legs, etc in less than 5 minutes.
You can think of 50 ways to use a bandanna off the top of your head.
You can walk the woodsy path at night without a flashlight.
You feel naked without a Walkie-Talkie strapped to your body.
You don't think non-camp people can understand your summer job.
You've made friends with the "office people" or the Camp Nurse just to have a place to hang out.
You eat ketchup with everything,
You go to college just to fill time between summers.
You have a camp set of clothes.
You have a collection of outfits for theme weeks.
You have been in/seen an "interesting' production of Grease, Peter-Pan and/or Zoom, Zoom.
You have about 20 mosquito bites in 1 square inch of skin.
You have an entrie volume of camp-friendly mixed CDs.
Your friends life goals are to go to medical school/law school..yours is to be a colour war captain.
You don't do this for money - and you mean it.
You have no clue what's on TV until mid-September, cause you never watch it at camp.
You have to routinely prevent yourself from shouting, "Walk, please!" or "Where's your buddy?" at random kids at the mall/at the grocery store/etc.
You know all 753 1/2 verses of "Let me see your alligator...."
You know excatly how to get to camp from home by car, boat, plane or any other means of transportation.
You know that laughter, hiccups, sneezes, itching and yawns are contagious.
You are disappointed to find that you can't major in "Camp".You never refuse free food.
You refer to your campers as YOUR kids.
You save anything and everything campers have ever made for you.
You still enjoy the same songs you did when you were 5.
You value the friendship bracelet you got at the camp carnival last summer more than any other piece of jewelry.
Your 'real-world' friends have ever limited you to only 5 camp stories a day.
Your car won't start until all seatelts are buckles.Your friends know you you're nver home fromJune till September.
Your idea of a good song starts with the words, "This is a repeat after me song".
Your primary method of diplomatic resolution is Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Your tan lines are also your dirt lines.
Your teachers know you as a camp person.
Your water bottle and sandals are as essential as your unterwear.
Your year only has two seasons - Summer and Non-Summer.
You 've ever given up time off to comfort a crying camper.
You've ever had to read a policy on bathroom usage.
You've written a paper about camp for a class.
You refer to all your friends as "Dude" even thought you live no where near the west coast.
You've used your frozen Nalgene as an icepack.
You've written down the camp address instead of your own.
I just realized how much I missed my summers as a camp counselor-

It is no fun to grow up and have to have a real job.
(I'm actually in this video at the very end......)

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