Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've been hiding.....

Just kidding. I haven't been hiding, but if you tracked me from my blog, you might think so. Anyway, I have only a few good excuses, so I will tell them all. And i'm getting back on track with my blogging.

1. I have a new phone- this is the HTC incredible. I LOVE it. However, I can't really blog on it, and I use it a lot for the internet vs the laptop. Therefore, if i'm just wasting time online, i'm not blogging. It has a great camera on it and I can instantly upload to flickr or facebook, so that's awesome.
2. We went on an incredible vacation. It was so so so nice to get away from (most) everything for a week. I will write a separate blog about this.
3. We are getting started on our home decorating/minor remodeling projects for the summer so I've been researching some of that. And by remodeling, I mean changing out light fixtures and painting, not busting down walls :) Again, will post another blog about this.
4. I often think of things that I want to blog about, but then I forget, or don't have time. I'll try to be better :) I mean, everybody wants to read about all details of my life, right????

1 comment:

Corie M. said...

Mary - since you use Blogger, there is a way that you can write a post as an email, you have your own unique email address, send, and it posts to your blog. That way, I think, you could do it from your phone!