Sunday, March 21, 2010

Great diaper deal!

I feel like I am the queen of finding good deals on diapers....I have never paid full price for a pack. We stocked up on diapers while I was pregnant ( I'll have to write a blog about this), and therefore I just stay on the lookout for good deals, coupons, ect.

The other night I was in Walgreens waiting for a prescription (poor Connor has ear infections along with pinkeye!). I was checking out the clearance aisle and spotted these! We actually have used a lot of Wags diapers in the past as I was able to really stockup on sizes 3 and 4 while they had a 50% off sale about 8 or 9 months ago. We're all out of those, and we will need to go up to the next size when we use all the size 4's that I have right now. So this was perfect!!!

I got 6 packs of size 5 and 2 packs of size 6 for $3.99 per pack. For those of you who calculate price per diaper, that works out to about 12 cents per diaper for size 5, which is a pretty good price!

Another great deal this week at CVS is on Pampers. They are 8.97 and you get $3 in ECB back per pack- Plus I had a bunch of $2 off coupons in my binder which makes them 3.97 per pack! As good as the price on my clearance Wags diapers (although you get fewer per pack, making them 17 cents per diaper). For reference, a "good" regular price for size 5 is 33cents per diaper!
This deal is limited to 2 per CVS card.

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