Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas day- we spent it together at home and are looking forward to having our families visit this weekend.

We made sausage and cheese biscuits for breakfast- but ate around noon b/c things take longer with a newborn! Then we opened our stockings from each other-way too much candy!!! (I don't have any pictures, but just imagine the post-halloween loot!)

We already opened our big gift to each other- our Wii and WiiFit, we've been enjoying it all week!

It was actually warm enough to go on a walk in the afternoon- and I wore flip flops!
Tonight, we're having a small Christmas dinner at home- I am making a ham, so beware!!!!
Of course, our best Christmas gift arrived Dec 2- and we're in love!!!


Jill said...

The babe is truly the best gift of this holiday season. I am glad y'all are all happy and healthy. I hope you hearts desires were filled this holiday.

Anonymous said...

Mary! Baby Conner is an angel (so perfect - you weren't exaggerating)! Congratulations to the both of you; I've enjoyed catching up by finally reading your blog. What a wonderful Christmas present he is! I'm so happy for ya'll!!!

P.S. I'm closing out my blog since I never make time to update it...