Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas decorating........

I did the limited decorating that we're doing this year over the weekend, along with listening to Christmas music and watching cheesy Hallmark movies such as "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus". I also saw the sequel, I've forgotten the name but it was basically a 2 hour movie of Santa and his fiance' planning their wedding. Be sure to catch it in the next 24 days!!!

This collection of things is our "mantle", also know as basically the only place to put items in our living room. Therefore it is crammed full of stuff. And, if you noticed, yes our TV is really that small. And it is the biggest one we own. LOL, we don't care that much.

Close up of our little baby tree this year. I have tried and tried to find a place to put our regular tree this year, but since we live in an apartment that has now been invaded with a swing, bouncy, seat, glider and footstool, pack and play and 1 million other infant items, it just isn't going to work right now. Next Christmas it will back and better than ever!!!!! So I have this little tree that I usually put outside next to the front door. It is decorated with silver and maroon ball ornaments, and yes, mini polar bears.
To live vicariously through last year's tree, .

Oh and obviously, we are still....

I don't think he's very interested in meeting us, but hopefully he will change his mind soon.

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