Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

So this is probably the most well-known cartoon at this time of year, but I still laugh when I see it- something about those chocolate bunnies!

I hope everyone is enjoying a great Easter today, i am spending my day/night/day in the hospital for 30 hours. I have pretty much been living here the last three months and I'm tired of it! Working all the time really gets me down. I love my job(most of the time) and making a difference for my patients but i also love my husband, my family, sleep, exercise, and eating food other than the cafeteria. Oh and shopping.
I think i'm feeling extra sad about working today b/c I don't get to spend any time with either of our families today, or even see Patrick. My sister's college graduation is coming up and I have to work that weekend so I probably won't be able to go. Our anniversary is coming up and I'll be working 3/4 weekends that month too.
Sorry for a depressing post on Easter! I'm so thankful Jesus forgives us no matter what! Don't forget about the true meaning of today....and feel free to stuff yourself full of candy (just today!)

Especially peeps......

If you are bored...check out They have recipes and a factory tour!


teplus said...

Us old folks thought for quite a while trying to think what bird had a name that started with "TH" until we remembered your married name is spelled the same as one of those purple mosquito eaters.

Marcy said...


I love that chocolate bunny cartoon as well! It makes me laugh every time! Are you always going to work this crazy schedule or will it get more normal when you are no longer in your "residency"? I hope it gets more normal. I know that a lot of people in the medical field will work like 3 12 hour shifts a week, but what you are talking about sounds like it could really wear you out if you keep doing this for the rest of your life!