Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jen's shower!

Saturday I got to attend the bridal shower of my friend (and soon to be intern) Jen! She and Joey are getting married in about a month and she got lots of good stuff at her shower!
Presents are always fun!!! Amanda's mom and Miranda
Rebekah and Jen with a cute baby!
Family picture

Answering the crucial questions about her soon to be husband!

Bing, Jen's mom and Miranda anxiously await the answers

Amanda, me, hs friend of Jen's and Kristy

Yay! An espresso maker! I'm definately jealous.

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Jen said...

mary- you'll have to come over for espresso sometime once we figure out how to use it. it'll be fun. then, we can let patrick and joey meet!! :) by the way, brick street was good. our cakes are gonna be sweet potato, german chocolate, and pineapple. yum yum. i'm definitely eating the sweet potato cake- that's my favorite!