Thursday, January 4, 2007

Farmer's Market!

One sad thing about no longer being in Atlanta every weekend is that we can no longer go to the Dekalb Farmer's Market-the best grocery store in the entire world.........with the most incredible prices on produce and craziest selection of international foods. Here are just a few pics of our tasty purchases.....yummy clementines, strawberries, and BLACKBERRIES!!!!!!

This huge pineapple was so cheap, literally half the price of Publix......... And we got roasted red peppers!!!!!!!!
We also got ingredients to make our own basil rolls....I can't wait to make them sometime this week!!!
We had to stop by Athens Pizza House for is the best pizza in the world!!!! If you are ever in Decatur, you MUST try it!!! These are Patrick's leftovers for this weekend while I'm working...if they last that long!!!!!

We also made a quick stop to borrow a cooler and visit with Victor Dog for a bit...He's a cutie, but not really into posing as evidenced by these pictures!!!!!

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